Our custom installed blogs are built on the widely acclaimed WordPress engine. The blog resides on your business domain (or subdomain), so that the content you generate positively impacts your website’s visibility. This blog site greatly enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps bolster your website as an online authority with every post you make. Adding content is easy with the ability to quickly post text, photos, video and more. Each time you add new materials, the custom WordPress installation automatically pings the major search engines so they know to re-index your site.

Core Benefits:

  • Simple Posting — Blog posts are a snap, with the ability to add text, video, photos and more!
  • Widgets Extend Capabilities — There are literally thousands of WordPress widgets available. These plugins can quickly expand the functionality of your blog without having to hire a programmer.
  • Google-friendly Architecture — Search engines love indexing these blogs!
  • SEO Ready — Preconfigured with top plugins and settings to make your blog site a search engine magnet!
  • WordPress Engine — Built on a solid WordPress foundation
  • Quick Turnaround — Most blog sites online in just 1-2 weeks
  • Budget-friendly Design — Prices starting at just $499

Custom Blog Site @ $499
Includes 1 (one) header design composition (can be developed to use a current web design — in many cases without additional cost).

Add On:
Pages @ $30 ea.
Forms @ $50 ea.
Multiple Designs @ $150 ea.

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