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Internet Marketing ‘On the Cheap’

A few weeks ago I had some car trouble. I needed a new part in my car before it could pass emissions. I’m an Internet geek with years of experience with things like web design, email marketing and SEO, definitely not a mechanical hotshot.

So when a friend offered to help I was completely relieved to forego the dreaded repair shop and more than thrilled that I wouldn’t be paying their rates. My friend is mechanically inclined and has a good set of tools, so I was confident that I was in good hands.

A few days later, with hundreds expended in parts and time, we had not fixed the problem. Quite the opposite… In the process of repairing the car, some other parts were damaged. The next day I ended up at the auto repair shop, where professional mechanics had the car fixed and on the road within hours.

With my determination to save a buck, I had lost hundreds! Sound familiar? It’s always a temptation to want goods and services on-the-cheap. But that temptation is often a gamble, one that could cost you and your business exponentially.

My advice… When you need help with some aspect of Internet marketing that isn’t within your company’s expertise, consider consulting an expert and weigh the cost of purchasing their services.

Of course, we’d be happy to help you with web design, web development, SEO and the like. Message us to see if we’re a fit for your project.

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