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Benefits of a Website You Can Update Yourself

One of the unique things about Interlinx Group is that we use a Content Management System (CMS) platform for many our small business and Utah web design projects. In its most simple form, a CMS website is one that is easy to maintain and update—so easy, in fact, that you don’t need us in order to do it.

Many of the larger web design firms in operation today do a great job building a website that is interactive, visually stunning, and functional for the customer. However, this comes at a cost—yours.

Every time you need to change the content, update contact information, advertise a promotion, or put out a press release (basically anything that changes the text), you have to go through the web design firm in order to do it. They make the content changes for you, and typically do so at their traditional $50-$125/hour rate.

This can add up to big money—especially if, like most of our clients, you’re a small business without a big time marketing budget.

What is CMS, and Why Do I Want It?

A Content Management System is a software package or web content platform that is designed to be maintained by the user, rather than the web designer. Instead of wading through complex pages of code, your website’s text can be seen and accessed on a web-based interface that looks a lot like MS Word or the office software you use for all your word processing needs.

Accessing and changing the site is easy. Enter the secure username and password, and you’re looking right at your website’s insides. You can make the changes with just a few clicks, push save, and you’re set. For more advanced users (and the term advanced is used loosely here), you can even change the actual page structure to your website. For example, you can add a Special Features or News page that looks exactly like the ones you currently have. It’s merely an addition that taps into the same branding and design that’s already there.

In addition to the financial savings this kind of platform represents, the benefits of a CMS website include:

  • No worrying about your web design company going out of business
  • Changes are instantaneous and can be made at any time of the day or night
  • Most changes can be previewed before they are saved, in case of error
  • Security features allow you to limit access depending on user
  • Design elements are consistent with the rest of the site
  • Adding a blogging component is very simple and easy to use

You also get to take control of your site and feel a real sense of ownership in the final product. All too often, there is a barrier between businesspeople and web designers, and it can sometimes seem like we speak different languages.

Here at Interlinx Group, we believe everyone can maintain and manage a CMS website—especially if you trust us to do the design and building for you. Our team of Utah web designers is always happy to help you navigate your site so that it truly becomes a part of your business.

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