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Why Small Businesses Need to Be Online

Most companies have some kind of online presence these days (though you’d be surprised at some large companies and industries that somehow haven’t seen value in capturing web sales). It’s rapidly becoming a necessity to go beyond a simple one- or two-page website. Effective web designs incorporate a place to engage readers (usually through a blog or other social media option), conversion tools (that transform site visitors to actual sales), and built-in Search Engine Optimization components (SEO for the search engines like Google to find you).

This is especially important for small businesses because traditional advertising and marketing techniques are no longer having the impact they once did. The best place to make a difference for less is online.

What Small Business Websites Need

As web designers with extensive marketing background, we approach each web design as a unique project, so your individual needs and requests will shape the look and feel of your site. With that in mind, however, we recommend a few key features that most websites should include.

Blog Component: A blog often allows you to interact with your customers in a more personalized setting. It’s also a great way to give your website an additional boost in the search engine rankings (known as organic SEO, or search engine optimization).

Content Management System: You need to stay up-to-date, regardless of whether you provide services to local customers or an all-encompassing worldwide market. The Content Management System (CMS) gives you the ability to make regular content updates on your own timeline without having to rely on a webmaster or web developer’s schedule.

Shopping Security: Everyone wants to ensure that they explore the web safely, and your website needs to communicate to buyers that you take security seriously. You need to show that you are taking precautions to make their purchase safe, including the latest industry-standard SSL. This is essential for taking major Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc. on the web.

Analytic Tools: A website is only as effective as your ability to monitor it. Web analytics tools, which we build right into the site, give you actionable data about your site visitors and when they convert to sales.

These are just a few of the features you may need if you plan on making a place for yourself in the online business community. We specialize in small business web design and companies beginning to build their online presence. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have — just send us a message about your next Internet marketing project or give us a call directly at 801-923-8023.

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